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Dallas, TX: 32.780140, -96.800451
Los Angeles, CA: 34.052234, -118.243685
Nashville, TN: 36.166667, -86.783333
Chicago, IL: 41.878114, -87.629798
Atlanta, GA: 33.748995, -84.387982
Charlotte, NC: 35.227087, -80.843127
Raleigh, NC: 35.779590, -78.638179
Charleston, SC: 32.776566, -79.930922
Orlando, FL: 28.538335, -81.379236
Richmond, VA: 37.540725, -77.436048
New York, New York: 40.790278, -73.959722
Houston, TX: 29.760193, -95.369390


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