Staff Crew Profiles

Two Man Full Day Camera CrewThese are some of the Best Cameramen and Directors of Photography in America. There is no ranking of Video Crews that doesn’t include many of our Elite Crews.

Each Staff Crew is selected to work with our one of a kind company. They’re trained through our one of a kind, Federally Accredited, Apprenticeship program to shoot for all genres of traditional broadcast and digital platform.

Cameraman Dave BakerDave Baker

Dave Baker covers the Southeast mainly including the Carolinas from Charleston but is traveled regularly outside of the market because of his expertise. He’s become a part of video history by aiding in documenting major news events. Dave’s DP’d Network shows and his work can be seen on almost every major Network on any given day. Dave’s a McGyver DP that can find a solution to every problem in the field.

Cameraman Craig GoodaleCraig Goodale

Craig’s travels in life are mirrored by his work history. He’s gone from the Northeast to West Coast to the Southeast to the hills of Tennessee back to the West Coast. While Craig covers the Bay Area from San Jose including the Silicon Valley and San Francisco, he travels to LA and Las Vegas often.

Cameraman Ryan DumvilleRyan Dumville

Ryan Dumville calls Denver home, but sees a lot of the road. He’s a road warrior constantly travels to cover major Network News, Weather, Sports and entertainment pieces. Ryan’s an avid bow hunter and loves the outdoors and basketball.

Ryan Ricker

Ryan Ricker’s Go To Team career started in our backyard in Charleston. A motivatd local news cameraman who leveraged his TV station contacts to get a meeting with us, he’s proven the only risk would’ve been not hiring him. Ryan moved from Charleston to LA for training and has gone on to launch not only Chicago , but also DC. A key player on any team, Ryan’s shooting ability is only eclipsed by his attitude. He has traveled across the US and internationally for clients including Fox Sports, NFL Network, ESPN and Big Ten Network.

videoboardJMJeff McGovern

Jeff McGovern, originally from NY,  calls Atlanta, GA home. His passion for storytelling is conveyed through his ability to shoot compelling video, beautify lit interviews & creative b-roll. Jeff’s worked with some of the biggest names in Sports, News and entertainment. When he’s not shooting a renovation show for HGTV, he and his wife Jannelle find purchase and fix up properties. If you’ve got a renovation show shooting in Atlanta, you want Jeff on your team. When he’s not shooting it, he’s doing it.

_1100293Roger Woodruff

Roger has won an Emmy for his work. Awards and accolades are second to the great energy and hard working attitude he brings to the shoot. Roger is responsible for DPing HGTV’s hit “Fixer Upper”. Roger’s personality is infectious and producers and clients love working with him.

Mark Phillips MP

Mark makes LA home. He moved from New York, where he launched that market,  to LA.  He regularly shoots in Las Vegas and is traveled throughout the country for feature stories. He was recently traveled to Australia for Turner Sports to help tell the story of  eSports. Got a great story? Mark’s ready to tell it.

Matt Rossetti

Matt Rossetti

Matt love’s life in the Windy City. Rossetti left the sunny west coast behind in order to become our Chicago cameraman. Since joining the Team in 2013 Matt has shot for many of Go To Team’s top clients including ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Intersport, NFL Network, Music Choice, and many more.

Juan Juan selfieLopez

Juan’s is doing big things in Miami. This Northwest Indiana native and die-hard Chicago Bears fan who loves sports and Cinema! Juan’s ability to work creatively under pressure is his specialty. His keen eye for finding “the shot” is what makes him an asset to any production and his personality and demeanor will make it a fun day of shooting. Juan’s bilingual and love using his Spanish onset when needed.

Nate GalluppiCameraman Nate Galluppi

Nate’s making cool TV, the Texas way. After working on HGTV’s hit show ‘Fixer Upper’, Nate has also shot for other clients such as HBO, ESPN, FOX Sports and WWE to name a few. Nate’s embraced Texas but shoots in New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana often.

joshheadshotJosh Braunreuther

Josh’s killing it in the big apple! Josh has worked for clients such as FOX Sports, ESPN, TNT, ABC News, HGTV, and Weather Channel just to name a few. He comes to us with a news background as an award winning photojournalist. Josh is a passionate storyteller in all sides of video production.

Peter LeiningerIMG_3242

Peter calls Nashville home. Originally from North Carolina, Peter spent years in Los Angeles honing his craft.  Now, under the wing of Go To Team, Peter utilizes his creativity to create  stories through compelling video, beautify lit interviews & creative b-roll.

Ryan Lohr

Charlotte cameraman Ryan Lohr is doing great things in Charlotte. Ryan is a passionate storyteller in all sides of video production. His knowledge of post production is an awesome asset with getting a great story.  


Brent Ebell

Brent Ebell is your go to Seattle cameraman. His knowledge in all lighting and cinematography production makes him a great asset to any set.



IMG_2410Jacob Satterfield

Go To Team cameraman Jacob Satterfield is ready to for what ever project you have in mind! Need someone to help you Make Cool TV? Jacob is ready to bring his ability to work in any environment with a Suburban full of the best gear there is to Phoenix or where ever your next project may take him.